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CIC Video is CIC with these logos, Universal (1963-1990), Universal (1990-1997), Universal (1997-2012), Universal (2012-), Paramount (1917-1967), and Paramount (1967-)


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CIC Video was a home video distributor owned by Cinema International Corporation (CIC), and its successor United International Pictures (UIP), and operated in some countries by local operators. Outside of the United States, it distributed films by Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, CIC's partners. DreamWorks films were added to the company output in 1998, as the fledgling studio had a worldwide video distribution deal with Universal. In 1999, CIC Video was dissolved when Universal purchased PolyGram and reorganized its video division under the Universal name. Paramount Home Entertainment became CIC's successor after acquiring full ownership and merging it into Paramount's video division.

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